2010 US Martial Arts Team

Who are we? We are young athletes and crafty veterans.

We are the best of last year, this year, and the next. We train as if everyone is out to beat us, because we know they are. We are sure they are going to fail at doing so. We are the best athletes, coaches, and volunteers in the USA, and we are driven to succeed. We are not-for-profit, because we love the Arts and all they have to give. We are proud representatives of the United States of America!

We are, like the WMAGC above us, a non-for-profit organization dedicated to the athletes. We have joined with TAFISA to bring the Sport For All concept into the martial arts, and to show that multiple masters from a range of disciplines can work together to promote the arts and competitions we love.

To prove this, the US Team has adopted a wide variety of criteria for its team members including proving that they are more than just quality athletes. “We want people of high character who will represent our country well. It does us no good to put together a team of individuals capable of winning who then go overseas and embarrass us by being poor sports, egotistical, or rude,” says Head Coach Alberto Friedmann. “We rely on personal integrity and responsibility as much as ring competence.”

The World Martial Arts Games are a venue for martial artists from all styles to come together under one roof and have fair competiton.

What are the World Martial Arts Games?

The World Martial Arts Games are a world class venue for elite martial artists of all styles to come together under one roof and enjoy fair competition.

The US Martial Arts Team holds regional qualifiers at the beginning quarter of every year to scout players for open slots on the team. To find a qualifier near you, please visit www.usmateam.org. www.usmateam.org.

The final team roster will be listed after we finish 2012 team trials.

Out Staff

Head Coach and National Director: Shihan Alberto Friedmann

Team Manager: Sensei Karly Oestringer

Assinstant Coach and National MMA Coach: Shihan Alberto Friedmann
Team Captainand Athlete Representative to the Board: Sensei Sonie Lasker
Southeastern Regional Coach and Natioanl Karate Coach: Kyoshi Donna Judge
New York Regional Coach and National BJJ Coach Shihan Avi Nardia
Washington State Coach and Tacfit: Coach Scott Sonnon

Official World Martial Arts Games Divions

Divisions are broken down by age, rank, gender and weight class.

Please follow this link for our rules and regulations:


Chinese Empty-Hand Forms
Japanese/Okinawa Empty-Hand Forms
Korean Patterns
Weapons Divisions

Chinese Weapons
Japanese/Okinawa Weapons
Non-Traditional Forms
Musical Forms
Extreme Forms
Extreme Weapons Forms
Synchronised Forms

Grappling Divisions
Sport Jujutsu

Sparring Divisions
Continuous Sparring
Point Sparring

Reality-Based Self-Defense

The divisions are governed by the Official WMAG Rules & Regulations. The World Martial Arts Games Committee reserves the right to add, subtract or modify the Games divisions.